PASTORS BARRY AND MARITZA MANCHESTER: Since 2016 the Lord called the ordained Pastors Barry and Maritza Manchester to serve Him for the nations. In 2017 the Lord showed them that the nations to be served were around the corner in the New England area…. The call was for migrant farmers that come from different parts of the world to legally work in United States trying to provide for a better living for their families.
The Manchesters answered the call to reach out to these farmers and are bringing to them the Gospel message and discipleship.

Our Board of Directors

Pastor Maritza Manchester President of the
Board of Directors
Pastor Barry Manchester-Director
Colette Trazinski-Director.
Pastor and Missionary for Open Gate Ministries
Barbara Kogut-Director
Aglow Coordinator
Thomas Rondeau-Director
Spiritual Teacher

Our Board of Advisors

Mike Trazinski
Pastor and Missionary for Open Gate Ministries
Frank Kogut-Accountant

We are also connected with a pool of financial experts who helped us through our 501(c)(3) approval process and they are available for advising about the handling of administrative and financial issues.

Our Worshipers

Selvin Beecher – Jamaican Worshiper from Church of God of Prophecy

Pastor Joe Lemoine (guitar) and minister Mike Mercier (bongos) – American worshipers, lovers of Christ

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