What is “In-Home Mission”?

Since 2016 the Lord called the Manchesters to fulfill His Commission through In-Home missions. As the name clearly expresses, these are missions inside the country . We work with people that are legally and temporarily coming from other countries to work as farmers (migrant workers).

These are people that are coming from far away, work 7 days a week with the intention to provide a better life for their families abroad. So, the only opportunity that they have to hear the Gospel message and learn the Bible is if we bring it to them.

Once you go into a farm housing, you enter into another culture expression. You feel like you are entering into another nation. This is also a wonderful opportunity for people who believe that cannot travel abroad due to health issues or age. Volunteers find themselves in a missionary camp without going outside of the country!

Eligibility? Every Christian believer who has received the Lord in his/her heart and is willing to devote part of his/her time spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these farm workers.

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